Select It - Get Started

To get started try these examples of ways to make your browsing faster with Select It.

Select the highlighted example and hit Shift + F to run it through Select It.

Search by text selection

To search for a text of a webpage, simply select the text and hit Shift + F.
Example: Google Chrome

Open an URL

Often on forums you can find URLs that are not made into links. To open them you would have select the URL, copy it, open a new tab, paste it in the Omnibar and finally hit enter. This gets very cumbersome after you have done it a hundred times.

Select It can easily open them with only one action. Try it out on these two URLs.


Even URLs that are not fully-qualified (without http://) works, like

Open e-mail addresses

Seeing an e-mail address that isn't a link? No problem - select it and hit the hotkey. Select It will open your default e-mail client and let you get ready to type. (Hint: Try it out at the address down there!)

Want more features?

Thinking of something more I could add in this Google Chrome extension? Mail me at

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